Case Stories: Animal BodyTalk -- Dogs

  • The owner has five dogs. One dog, Chewy, was always attacking a smaller dog, Amina. A BodyTalk session balanced a secondary personality matrix that had to do with jealousy of Amina in Chewy’s front paws. Within 5 days, Chewy stopped tormenting Amina.
  • A 13-year-old female dog, Booka, was breathing harder than usual. She had three BodyTalk sessions, all involving heart, lungs and brain. In the fourth session, Innate Wisdom said no to BodyTalk, but instead to take her to vet within two days. Upon arrival at the vet's the same day, we found out that Booka had congestive heart failure and would be dead in three days without treatment. The vet said she'd have to be on an IV for at least a week. We left the dog with the vet. Three hours later we received a call from the vet to pick the dog up. He had never seen a dog respond to medication like Booka, who went back to normal and was put on blood pressure medication. She now gets weekly BodyTalk balances from her owner.
  • A farmer and owner of a hunch-backed cow that had a severe limp which always left her walking behind the herd asked if BodyTalk might help her, or at least get her out of pain. After one session, the farmer invited me out once more to show me the cow. I was happy to see that she didn’t trail the herd anymore and had no hunch in her back and no limp. In only one session, BodyTalk worked wonders for this cow.
  • A 9-year-old German Shepard was afraid to sleep in the owners' room at night. After one BodyTalk session with a link of heart to thymus, the dog went into the owners’ room by himself and stayed all night. This also healed the owners’ heart!
  • I treated a 4-year-old dog that had been highly abused as a puppy. He came to me with a chronic ear infection. His owner had tried for a year to find a solution to his problem. After three BodyTalk sessions dealing with kidneys and a lot of fear issues, his ear infection cleared up for good.
  • A 4 ½-year-old Newfoundlander dog who was thought by the owners to have sprained his right shoulder joint was brought in for BodyTalk. Innate Wisdom took us to the left hip first for an emotional synthesis treatment to the front room of the house. Then the right shoulder was identified as priority: Cellular repair to general connective tissue. Two days after this BodyTalk session, the owners were told by the veterinarian that the right shoulder pain the dog was experiencing was due to bone cancer. The owners opted to have the limb removed. I saw the animal three days after the operation and was amazed, along with everyone else, at how well the surgical site was healing and how well the dog was adapting. It wasn't until after I had seen the dog that I realized what had occurred: Although I thought I was treating a sprain, Innate Wisdom was actually preparing the tissue for repair after a surgery that no one at the time was aware was going to happen.
  • My neighbor’s dog always screamed in pain when touched on the back, more obviously worse closer to the tail, and was terrified of being touched. I treated him (using BodyTalk, as I haven't done AnimalTalk) for what seemed like a neuroma on the nerves of the spine around the site where the tail is cut off, and within a week or so, he was pain-free to touch and, needless to say, less sensitive generally and much happier.
  • A golden retriever/shepherd had already been to the vet four times for the condition of biting off her fur wherever she could reach. She was brought in to see if BodyTalk could help, looking as though she had been struck over the head with a bat. I started tapping the cortices of this very hyper-agitated dog, which was straining against her leash and trying desperately to get away. As the first hand placement for the cortices was tapped out, she set her hindquarters down. On the second hand placement, her front paws slid forward until she was lying down. By the last of the cortices, she was lying out flat. Next was a Body Chemistry link of parasites in general connective tissue. After tapping that out, we got an Active Memory link: It turned out she was in love with a male dog who had been in the area about four months and was jealous of another female dog that visited her house regularly. According to Innate, this second female dog had the smell of the male dog. Also, the client dog could not go down to the street to see her "boyfriend" because she was in fear from a car accident she had had the previous year. The day after the BodyTalk session, her owner was ecstatic, saying, “You won't believe it: My dog went running with me on the street, and she was so cute (almost flirtatious) with this big male dog I've been running with for about four months!” Within a month, the dog’s hair had grown back, and she was running every morning with her lover boy. A few other things were handled, as well. When I visited the owner later, the dog came up and kissed me. So I thought she wanted more BodyTalk. When I asked Innate Wisdom, “Is BodyTalk a priority for client dog?”, the answer was, “No. The kiss is a “Thank You!” It was unbelievable! The owner said, "She doesn't even kiss me!”

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