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BodyTalk and PTSD

Submitted 07-Dec-09 by

Marti Wolfson, Client, NY, NY

Keywords: ptsd, fears, ptsd fears dog

"Hey to all my people in the BodyTalk world who I do not know but feel connected too on some different level. I live and work in Greenwich Ct., where I met Marti, who single-handedly changed my life's course. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for sharing with me the gift of BodyTalk. I am a prove -it- to- me kind of guy willing to try most anything if it works well.

Let me tell a funny thing that made me think this stuff is for real. My "wow" moment was on a rather long car ride with my dog Sadie and Marti. Marti told me after some good body talking some people have to use the restroom due to emotions moving out of stored areas in the body and through the digestive system. Marti said she would like to give my dog a little tapping and I thought what can it hurt. Marti does her thing and the next thing I see is my dog gets off her lap and pees in the back seat. If I had not seen it I would not have believed it. My dog has never gone in my house or in my car in the 8 years I have had her.

As for me, BodyTalk has made me more grounded then I have ever been in all parts of my life. I am not just talking about with work or my many relationship I have but it has helped me to cope with PTSD. Living as a combat vet has not been the smoothest of rides but now that Marti has helped me to work through my memories, fears and emotions, it has been much easier to carry the pain and horrible things that happened to a young boy in war so I say to anyone who is thinking about doing BodyTalk you will not be disappointed. Thank you Marti. You are truly blessed. "

Love always SGT. Jeffrey Paradise 1\9 Inf.Reg Airborne Ranger

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