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My Access Experiences

Submitted 15-Jan-10 by

Chantelle Rodgers, Instructor, Prince Albert, SK, Canada

Keywords: pregnancy, access, immunization, heart burn, back pain

I am now a BAT and have some truly amazing Access stories of my own that I would like to share. I think Access is so wonderful and am so grateful for the opportunity to allow my BodyTalk clients to also experience Access.

1. I had a horse step on my toe and thought it was broken. I was in sooo much pain, I had to call my mom to come to my house to look after my son because I could not put any pressure on my toe at all. I did fast aid after talking to her and by the time she got to my house, I was walking around without any pain - I actually forgot my toe was sore

2. I was helping my husband outside and stepped on a rusty nail while wearing rubber shoes (Crocs). It hurt so much that I felt like throwing up and was shaking. I managed to do Fast Aid over and over and within hours, the pain was gone. My dad had stepped on a nail and was in pain for days...

3. I was in so much pain from pregnancy that I could not even lift my legs. I had so much pressure in my pelvis, I spent most of the day trying to care for my son and in tears because it hurt so much that I could not move. I took a shower and did Access on myself and by the next day, I was walking around normally without much pain at all and since then, I have been doing Access and the pain has never been that severe since.

4. One day, I had so much back pain from pregnancy that I could barely move and before bed, I did full Access on myself and literally by the time I was half way through Reciprocals, I could feel the pain lifting and by the time I was done, it was all gone and again, it has never returned that severely since.

5. When I was pregnant, I had the worst heart burn one day. It was so bad! I went to bed and could not sleep at all because it was just so severe. I sat up and did Fast Aid on myself and by the time I was finished, the pain was drastically reduced and I was able to sleep. I did wake a few more times throughout the night because of the heart burn coming back but I would do Fast Aid again and every time it returned it was much less severe than the last time. By the time morning came, it was completely gone and hasn't returned since.

6. During my second pregnancy, I was experiencing high blood sugar levels and it got severe enough that I had an appointment to go to my doctor and be put on insulin like I had to during my first pregnancy. I taught an Access class and immediately after the class, I noticed that my blood sugar levels were normalized. For the first two weeks, I was told in MindScape to do Access during every meal and it kept my levels low. I am not having to do Access at every meal anymore and can eat what I want and my doctor is very happy with my levels. How amazing is that????

7. I took my son to get his H1N1 shot and all the kids there were screaming and crying. I did Access on him in MindScape before, during and after the shot and he let out a yelp and cried for about 20 seconds and then he was fine.

8. After my son was born, I noticed he had so much wax built up in his ears. One side was so bad that you couldn't even see a hole to the ear canal. I made an appointment to take him to the doctor but decided to try Fast Aid and full Access on him first. The next morning when he woke up, ALL THE WAX WAS GONE!!! I have no idea where it went and was just so amazed at how well it cleared up!!!

9. My son had thrush from breastfeeding. I used 2 prescriptions from the doctor and it just kept returning. It was time to try the "purple stuff" that is apparently the strongest but again, before trying, I decided to try Access. I did Access on him and by the next morning, you guessed it, it was gone. Again, I just could not believe it!!!!

10. My mom had a surgery to remove a growth the size of half a grapefruit from her abdomen. The incision was over 5 inches long and she had a bag draining it after. The growth was very deep and severe. I did Access before and after her surgery and she did not have any pain from the incision at all - she didn't even take an Advil. When I had a laporoscapy with tiny incisions, I was on Tylenol 3s for weeks!!!

11. My mom fell and a wheel barrow fell on top of her, creating a large bruise on her arm. She is known to bruise very easily and her bruises last forever. I did Access on her after she fell and the next day, the bruise started clearing up and was gone within a week.

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