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Horse accident

Submitted 26-Jan-10 by

Danielle Haines, Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ

Keywords: horses swelling, horses swelling injury toxins

A client's horse had been involved in a trailer accident. The trailer slightly went off the road, and the person driving slammed the brakes. All the horses in the trailer piled on top of one another.

The horse I worked on had a swollen buttock, and leg. He had cuts and wounds on him in areas where he had been kicked by the other horses in the pile up.

His owner showed me his wounds. She was particularly concerned about the swelling on his buttock, as it was very noticable, and had been over a week since the accident.

His body specifically addressed the swollen areas, and some of the open wounds. He had emotional components to the memory of the accident, and some emotion of fear.

His body also addressed toxins from his previous living conditions.

After his session I went over to the swollen buttock area, and asked the owner where that spot was again, so I could evaluate the swelling. She looked and looked for the spot, and was in total disbelief when she couldn't find it!

Also following up a month later, apparently the horse had little bumps all over him and since his session those to disappeared.

Interesting how he had a current injury that brought the BodyTalker up to his ranch, and the body addressed much more than the swelling!

Danielle Haines, CBP

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