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Fear of Water

Submitted 07-Mar-10 by

Jill Nutsford, Practitioner, Tauranga, New Zealand

Keywords: fear of water

While camping over New Years Holiday, my daughter Ella (3) witnessed a drowning and from that point was absolutely petrified of water, to the point where showers and baths became a very dramatic experience with screaming, tears and constantly saying she wanted to get out. After 1 session of BodyTalk Ella willingly had a shower but still had the fear there so had to sit in the shower and clung to me for dear life but it was still a big step to have that running water on her and the fact that she actually got in without fuss. Things gradually started to get better and better with her being less scared every time she showered. After the 2nd session of BodyTalk she showered standing up putting her head under the water, not holding on to me, with no tears or screaming and even let me leave the room.....after 10min I asked her if she wanted to get out and she refused. I had to eventually tell her that if she didn't get out we would run out of water! I am extremely pleased with the results of Ella's BodyTalk and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering it.....with results like that in 2 weeks how could you not. Ella says: "BodyTalk is really fun, I liked it and I'm really happy."

PS Just thought you would like to know we took Ella to the beach on the weekend and the first thing she said was "can I play in the water?" She was jumping over the waves and even fell over into the water but that didn't phase her ... she continued to play. Kevin and I would just like you to know that we are so happy with the outcome and can't thank you enough. Rhianne (Tauranga)

(Pic = Ella tapping out her mum)

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