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Dislocated Jaw- Severe Pain

Submitted 12-Jul-20 by

Nancy Briggs, Practitioner, Sutton West, Ontario, Canada

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Testimonial for Nancy- Dislocated Jaw, Severe pain

My background is in the medical system. I was an RN in mental health and addictions. I am an addiction counsellor, a Reiki/Therapeutic touch practitioner and a yoga teacher. I am a trauma survivor of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. I am also a breast cancer survivor. In my lifetime, I have had numerous injuries to my lower back and I live with degenerating cervical disk disease which I am told is the result of a car accident I had in my 20's. For almost two years now, my right jaw has been anteriorly dislocated. Prior to finding this out I sought out a variety of practitioners beginning with medical doctors and dentists to address the increasing pain and subsequent decreased function of my jaw. For awhile, I was bounced around these two professions until I finally had an MRI which resulted in this diagnosis. I have tried acupuncture, IMS, 2 different mouth guards, several dental consults and a variety of exercises which have resulted in thousand of dollars in ineffective treatments. The only thing that gave me any relief was massage therapy. It would help with keeping my neck and back in good alignment, unfortunately, the relief was always short lived with the jaw pain. When covid hit, I was at the point where even going for a walk could cause me excruciating jaw pain and I began to live on Tylenol, ibuprofen, hot packs and soft food. I could no longer teach or practice yoga which is my passion. I had difficulty having conversations of any great length because the consequences would be an increase in pain and subsequent immobility of my jaw. Eating anything that required chewing would set me back. It has been a hard journey to travel. A friend of mine who has had incredible healing with Nancy, had been encouraging me to try BodyTalk for some time, even more so after I told her that the only option, I was given at my last dental specialist appointment was to consult with a dental surgeon in regards to surgery and spend another couple of thousand dollars on a 'maybe this will work' treatment. I wasn't feeling too confident about this option given that a previous client had had to have plastic surgery following his surgical treatment. I got in touch with Nancy and I finally gave it a try. I had my first session on June 29th and my second session on July 9th. My first long distance session, I knew within minutes, that this was the real deal. I could feel the energy move from my ring finger, throughout my spine, face, jaw and some of my chakras. By the end of my first session, I can honestly say that my pain and discomfort had subsided by 80%. I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted. In communicating with Nancy afterwards I could identify the areas I had felt, with the areas she had worked on. She helped me piece together some of the emotions and thoughts I have had with my life experiences. I realize now how this has impacted my physical being and where I am 'holding' it. She also suggested some time each day on a slant board. For the following 10 days, I was able to insightfully reflect upon a variety of life experiences and link this to my last conversation with Nancy. It was interesting to note that when I did this, I would feel these little twinges of pain in my jaw or other parts of my body. My pain did not begin to noticeably creep back into my jaw until just before my second session and it was after I had had a conversation with a friend in which we had discussed traumas. I also communicated with Nancy that for some reason my lower back was out. I only used Tylenol and ibuprofen once for my jaw and that was the day before my second session. My second long distance session, I knew right away where Nancy started, again, I could feel the energy move in my body. I reviewed Nancy's communications following our session and it was interesting to see that all of the spots I had felt the energy move, were the exact spots she had linked. She asked me if I had injured or broken my coccyx in the past. I had forgotten that I had injured my coccyx when in Highschool doing gymnastics and several times as a Nurse. By the end of this session the lower back pain was gone. Currently, my jaw pain remains at about 80% less and I have been eating salad for the first time in almost a year. During this session, I also 'saw' my grandmothers face, she had passed away in 2008. During this session she looked the happiest I had ever seen her. I found this a bit odd but I just remained mindful of what I was sensing and feeling. My take on my grandmother 'showing up', knowing we 'hold' everything on a cellular level and that trauma is passed on from one generation to the next until it is healed. My grandmother also suffered significant trauma in her lifetime including having one of her wisdom teeth pulled which she had described to me as having part of her jaw bone coming out with her tooth. She suffered with jaw pain all her life. Needless to say, I have booked my third session with Nancy...

Victoria BC July 2020

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