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Fear/ Phobia- Afraid to Drive

Submitted 14-Jul-20 by

Nancy Briggs, Practitioner, Sutton West, Ontario Canada

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I used to drive but then I became sick and couldn't drive anymore. I got better with my illness but I discovered this deep fear of driving alone and getting lost. As part of my practice with Nancy, on June 18, I had one long distance session dedicated just to my fear of driving. During the session, Nancy set up a Search & Retrieve for all incidents in my history of being lost and alone that produced the emotion Terror. Nancy is so intuitive ! Terror is exactly what I felt.Then she told me I had to spend time in my car tapping Cortices and saying "Ommm". I had to progress to starting the ignition, and then driving a short distance, all the while using the GPS.

I did this on and off for about 3 weeks and at first drove with someone but then started to drive on my own ! When I read my communications with Nancy, I can't believe how scared I used to get and how far I've come. I still get a little nervous thinking about going for a drive but I continue to do Cortices before I set off and so far so good. How liberating it's been! I owe it all to BodyTalk and Nancy for being so intuitive. She helped me and encouraged me along the way, always responding to my emails in a timely manner. I highly recommend BodyTalk and Nancy. I am doing remote sessions with Nancy for other issues and am hopeful that I will see more healing.

Ontario, Canada

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