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Bodytalk and Hockey Back Injury

Submitted 28-Mar-10 by

Luke Morrison, Client, Toronto

Keywords: back pain

I first encountered Bodytalk in 2001. I was suffering from acute lower back pain related to playing hockey. For the previous 6 months my back pain progressed to a point where I could not get out of bed with out extreme pain. Near the time where the pain was at it's worst I couldn't even bend down to put on my socks and pants each morning.

I went with my father to see Dr Katrin Bergstrome in Kingston Ontario. At that time there were few practitioners in Toronto so we drove to Kingston to see Dr Bergstrome.

I didn't know what to expect from a Bodytalk session. But Dr Bergstrome put me at ease very quickly, she took a short Bio from me and proceeded to do one twenty minute session. I think I may have fell asleep during the session. It was a very peaceful experience.

What I remember most about the experience was waking up the next day and going to work and having this feeling that something had changed but I couldn't put my finger on it. The interesting thing was that it took me until after lunch to realize and then believe that my back pain was in fact gone. It was such a weird feeling to have pain that was with you for 6 months just evaporate.

Since that time I have recommended friends and family to various Bodytalk practitioners and seen many stunning results.

I have seen Psoriasis, Menstrual cramps vanish, Fibromyalgia disappear, Back pain gone, Broken bones heal faster, Mental Disturbances and Imbalances right themselves, Alcoholism cured, Crohn's disease addressed, Gastroschisis healed and many other ailments dealt with.

I have went on to become a practitioner and I get the pleasure to see new stories every day.

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