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Submitted 02-Jun-10 by

Marcia Bosshardt, Practitioner, St. George, Utah

Keywords: switching, sport, baseball, team

My 13 year old son plays baseball. After a few games of him not doing very well, he asked if I would do "switching" on him before every game. We have been doing that and he has played better. He is on a team that the age of the players goes through sophomore in HS and many of the players play on the Freshman and JV team. His team has won most of the games this season and continue to improve, however last week's game started out really sad. We were playing a team that should have been fairly easy to beat but no one was playing well. The star players were striking out, people were dropping balls, making bad throws, not thinking about the plays, etc. We were home team and by the end of the 3rd inning we were down 0-4.--we hadn't scored a single run. In between innings my son ran out to me and asked if I could do switching on the whole team. He said, "No one is 'on' mom, we aren't playing together. That was obvious to all of us and the coaches were getting pretty frustrated. So I thought sure why not try it. I've heard about helping whole teams and it certainly couldn't hurt anything. I used my 11 year old daughter as a subject and we both thought about the team. She literally cried out with pain when I touched under her collar bone. She said it hurt worse than anytime I had ever worked on her. As I did switching on her I looked at each of the players in the field and said "Ok, now your on" I said their name if I knew it. I just went around the whole team and then said "anybody in the dugout, now your on". It didn't take very long. Almost instantly the pitcher improved as did all the fielders. We got 3 outs and no one scored. Then it was our turn to hit. It was like night and day. We were hitting and scoring. My daughter leaned over and said, "I think you must have switched the other team off." We made three runs. The other team was up to bat--3 up--3 down!! We scored another 2 runs--we were up by 1. Their turn--time was almost up so if they scored we would get our last ups, but if not the game was over. They didn't score--we won and so didn't get to hit again. On the way to the car my son said, "I think you turned the other team off." I told both my kids it didn't work that way, but it sure seemed like it. What a fun game!! It was amazing to see the sudden difference and know what made it.

Ann G. St. George, Utah

This story is told by a client of Marcia Bosshardt

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