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Menstrual Problems

Submitted 18-Jun-10 by

Jen, Client, Denver, CO

Keywords: bleeding, mentrual problems, period

I had been experiencing some very substantial changes in my menstrual cycle: strong cramps for several days (which I'd never had), heavier than normal flow, my period was lasting twice as long as it ever had, and the color/texture was strange. Nonetheless, I found nothing alarming and chalked it up to age.

For completely unrelated reasons, I had two sessions with Christy Zollar-Segers in Denver. Because I didn't consider it an issue, I never mentioned my menstrual changes to Christy. In the first session three of the first four things she identified were related to my reproductive system. I still didn't make the connection and thus still didn't say anything to Christy.

At my second session with Christy, she again revisited issues related to my reproductive system. She asked me several questions and finally said that she wasn't sure what was going on but was going to "send more blood to my uterus." At that point I connected the dots and explained to her what had been happening.

My symptoms had improved slightly with my first period after that visit, but nothing too notable. However, by the next cycle my period completely returned to normal! It's been several months and everything continues to be normal.

I approach energy medicine openly, but with a healthy dose of skepticism. What struck me most about my experience was that not only had I never divulged my condition to Christy, but I also wasn't seeking treatment (for anything) outside of the BodyTalk sessions. As a rational and educated person I can think of no other explanation for this change other than BodyTalk and Christy.

Yesterday, the vet found a tumor on the leg of my 1-year-old cat, Richard Parker. Lucky for us Christy is also a certified AnimalTalker. I'll be taking Richard Parker in to see her in two days and have no doubt I'll be penning another testimonial for him soon.

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