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Arm weakness

Submitted 24-Jul-10 by

Linda Thursby, Practitioner, Norwich

Keywords: , , , , , , , arm weakness, car accident, , active memory, grip,

A client had been referred to me with unexplained arm weakness. Doctors had done scans and tests. Her grip was measured (it goes up to 28 on the scale), hers was 2 and 5 only. She described her forearms as feeling dead. I did a session for her. During the session, I had a light bulb moment... She had had a car accident 12 years ago and she held the steering wheel during the collision and suffered whiplash. Last year the same thing happened exactly the same way. I explained to her that her arms were still holding the memory of 'holding on for dear life' to the steering wheel and had not come out of that state of shock. She looked at me and wept.. finally someone was believing her and had also given her an explanation she could understand. I got an email from her the next day saying that by the evening she was able to grip her fork and feed herself properly without getting frustrated. She was feeling like a new woman. Her work colleague even emailed me (she referred her in the first place) and said that she was like Tigger, bouncing around, no pain, full of energy.

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