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Fast Aid for Injured Toe

Submitted 03-Sep-10 by

Annette Buquet Beck, Practitioner, San Antonio

Keywords: injury, fast aid, access

This past weekend, my husband and I were getting ready to leave the house to meet friends for dinner. I had on a pair of flat open-toe sandals. I was hurrying, and as I opened the back door to leave, I ran the bottom of the door over the top of my left big toe, pushing back the top layer of skin. The pain was so sharp, that for an instant I could not move. I slowly drew my foot out from underneath the door jam. There was a flap of skin and blood starting to flow. We were late, so I hobbled to the car and on the way to the restaurant, I tapped out 5 rounds of Fast Aid, linking Cortices to my left big toe. After 2 rounds, the pain was completely gone and my breathing had gone from hyperventilating to slow and deep; after 5 rounds, the bleeding had stopped and the redness was gone. When I got home later that night, other than the still-hanging flap of skin (which I cut off), the injury was barely noticeable. By the next morning, my toe was completely healed. FastAid...simply amazing!

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