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Cat Asthma and Emotional Problems Resolve

Submitted 26-Sep-10 by

Alexandra Hopkins, Student, La Crescenta, CA

Keywords: kitten, cat asthma, cat emotional problems

We adopted a kitten who had been born to a feral cat. She had problems – she hid from people other than her human "foster mom." Even her foster mom, who runs an adoption agency for cats, couldn't get the kitten to sit in her lap and couldn't pick her up without putting the kitten into terror. The kitten also had something called "cat asthma," which caused coughing spells a couple of times a day and also snoring. However, she loved playing with other cats, so we took her home as a companion for our cat, Molly.

In addition to gradually trying to acclimate her to people, I've been giving the kitten almost daily BodyTalk sessions for about 4 weeks. We have addressed intense emotional upsets about losing her cat mother and litter-mates and later her human foster mom and cat friends at the adoption agency as well as addressing lung issues and the scar from being spayed.

The kitten hasn't had a coughing spell in about a week and no longer snores. If I'm careful about it, I can pick her up and she purrs. As I write this, the kitten is lying lazily in my lap! It's delightful to watch her and our cat, Molly, play, so we now have a wonderful addition to our family.

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