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Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery

Submitted 25-Oct-10 by

Maureen Russo, Practitioner, California

Keywords: pregnancy, labor and delivery

Last spring, my daughter gave birth to an 11 lb 1oz daughter. Yes, vaginally. And yes, "Ouch!"

While we all noticed that she was huge, the OB/Gyn doc's did not really "look", even the day before her water broke, until the head was out and it was: "OMG, this baby is huge!" Hmm....a little bit too late.

Luckily, my daughter had asked her older sister and me to be in the L & D room along with the father of the baby. We were to stay in the background and take pictures (my daughter's job) and videos (my job) while her fiancee attended to her.

But after she pushed for an hour or so, I sensed things were getting tough and something was not right. I told my oldest daughter that we needed to begin doing cortices in between each push. I would do my daughter and she would do the baby. I had tried to avoid doing much BodyTalk during the labor since the father of the baby is very much against BodyTalk. But I finally did not care.

So, we did this for at least 2 hours. Finally the head appeared and that is when they realized there was Shoulder Dystocia, i.e. the shoulders were stuck because she was just so darned big.

The doctor reached into an already VERY inflamed pelvis while a host of other nurses/aids basically descended onto my daughters abdomen to help push the baby out.

After 2 minutes, (it seemed like eternity to me) they had the baby out. The baby suffered a displaced fracture to the humerus during the delivery (which, btw, was not diagnosed until 5 days later!) but amazingly had a 1st apgar score of 8 and minutes later, one of 9!!

My daughter, after much additional help of distance energy work from many friends, was able to say 1 hour later: "I would do that all over again for HER" as she looked down at her baby.

While there is no way to know what the outcome would have been if we'd not been tapping out those cortices during the pushing, I am grateful every time I look at my granddaughter and see her developing so beautifully and swinging that left arm around as well as her right.

Thank you BodyTalk!

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