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Energetic Lymphatic Drainage

Submitted 25-Feb-11 by

Gay Bardin, Practitioner, Italia

Keywords: vmld, lymphatic drainage, energetic

Hi all, I just wanted to share a story of some work I did with a client who is 87. She had ended up in the hospital for a week with pneumonia, and her body's response to all the testing and drugs they gave her was that her legs swelled up like two tree-trunks. When I saw her the skin was so tight it was shiny, peeling and angry red, very painful. I ended up doing daily sessions with her for 5 days, each day's work involving the manual lymphatic drainage technique. Given her age and frailty, and the fact that in Italy only doctors, RNs and beauticians are allowed to touch people, I decided to do it exclusively energetically. It looks rather bizarre, but worked a charm - she was up to go to the toilet every 10-15 minutes while I was working, and dropped 5 kg or so in 5 days. By the end her legs had returned to their normal shape, the burning was lessened, and she was moving much better, feeling much lighter (literally!). A young osteopath who was working with her was impressed at her overall condition, besides the dramatic decrease in swelling. Even better, when I saw her again a few weeks later, the swelling had not returned. This client is a BodyTalk convert! Thank you Sylvia for the wonderful tools of Module 5!

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