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Cortices in the Emergency Room

Submitted 07-Apr-11 by

Rachael Aberle, Practitioner, Bahamas

Keywords: cortices emergency room eyes sign life cried pupil coma pain muscle tone

My 3 1/2 yr old niece has a genetic disorder that is so rare that we have no idea what to expect because there is no data available on her condition. She doesn't speak yet, and has had eye issues from birth. She already had eye surgery and has another one scheduled soon.

On Friday night she cried the whole night, and my sister didn't know what was wrong. The next day she didn't wake up. She was limp like a rag doll and would not open her eyes. The only visible sign of life was her breath.

They took her to "emergency room" (out-island clinic) and the doctor advised them to fly out right away and go to the ER at a hospital in Florida. I got there at 2:15 in the afternoon and held her lifeless body and held back the tears. There was no muscle tone, no response to noise, no pupil response to light. It was as if she was in a coma.

When I was left alone in the room with her I started cortices. I repeated it over and over, and suddenly her right arm twitched. Then her left arm twitched. Then her legs one by one, and after about 10 minutes of repeating cortices, she sat up on her own and asked for food and water. (sign language) I played with her, she clapped her hands, danced, raised her arms when I said "praise the Lord". She was fully aware and responsive but wouldn't open her eyes. Then my brother in-law remembered that he had used an adult conditioner on her the night before. We realized that it got into her eyes and this was her way of telling us she was in a lot of pain.

The doctor came back in and was very surprised and happy to see her up. I didn't tell the doctor what I had been doing while she was out of the room. About one hour before their $2000 emergency charter flight was due to take off they decided cancel it and wait until they can get an appointment with a doctor in the States and go on a scheduled flight. The doctor decided to check her pupils with the flashlight again, and Mali cried and it took 3 of us to hold her down. As soon as the doctor finished, Mali curled up on my chest and went back into the same vegetative state as before. I did cortices again then I had to leave and catch a ferry.

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