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Healed my Lichens Sclerosis

Submitted 12-Apr-11 by

Katherine, Student, New York

Keywords: lichens sclerosis

For 3 years I suffered from a painful condition known in Western Medicine as Lichens Sclerosis. It is an autoimmune disorder that is like having yeast infection posion oak rash and itching, and torn skin in the vaginal area...all the time...every day. It has no know "cure" in Western Medicine. I basically thought my personal life was over- was in constant discomfort...and I was in despair for weeks at a time. I am a shamanic healer and through my work I met a student who practiced Body Talk. Within 8 sessions over the course of 9 months my LS is gone. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE TO JOHN VELTHEIM and all the wonderful people that led me to Marie Johnson and Shelly Poovy both CBP's I took modules 1&2 just a few weeks ago and I am looking forward to becoming certified as well. This condition was my greatest teacher as a healer- it led me to knew levels of compassion and understanding that helps me be more sensitive healer- and it led me to BodyTalk which I feel was all part of a bigger plan! Namastae

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