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Works on cats too!

Submitted 15-Apr-11 by

Eloise Ansell, Instructor, Reading, UK

Keywords: bodytalk, animaltalk, cortices, cat

I just wanted to share the dramatic change in my cat over the last few months from using BodyTalk on her.

As anyone who has ever come to my Access class knows; I have 2 cats. The female Lilly has always been a fan of BodyTalk right from when I first attended BodyTalk Access myself.

Over the last 2 years my two cats have been fighting a great deal - and not as in playing! She has also been attacking me! There was a point last year when I actually thought about finding her a new home as I really wasn't coping very well with her and the constant attacks. She would look so cute and want a fuss - and then 2 minutes later I would be screaming in agony, bleeding as she had ripped my hand open again.

Eventually I began to learn the attacks were Lilly's way of asking for BodyTalk sessions! So I began to do regular BodyTalk sessions on her.

In December 2010 she also had a serious fit. I found her rolling around on the floor, arching her back, unable to control her little body. It was like her nervous system went into overdrive - it was horrible to watch. She kept looking at me for answers as to what was going on.

Thankfully another practitioner did a session on her - I was too upset. And after a few hours of using the Cortices technique she was back to normal. It has never reoccurred.

Over the last 2 months she is a changed cat! All happy and more content. She has not attacked me in months - the regular sessions are working wonders. It is wonderful to spend time with her again.

I have never managed to take the AnimalTalk classes - but I can't wait to take them when I get a chance. Animals give us so much, it is wonderful to give something back.

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