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FAST AID saves the day for my dog!

Submitted 15-Apr-11 by

Amy Freund, Instructor, Miami Florida

Keywords: bodytalk, animals, fast aid

In February I was visiting Bimini, Bahamas with my husband and our dog, Baby. We were driving around enjoying the island on our electric bicycles. My husband was behind me and carrying our dog in a little basket attached to the handle bars.

Baby has traveled in the basket like this for a long while and never had a problem. This time, she got nervous for some reason and while motoring at a moderate speed, she suddenly JUMPED out of the basket! She landed on the street and started WAILING so loud I was halted frozen, by the sounds of her pain and fear!

I was also halted by the sounds of my husband's loud screams for help! He was holding Baby and very frantic, and the dog was screaming. I immediately took her from his arms, sat down with her and began FAST AID. I can't remember exactly, but I believe I did he program over and over for at least 5 minutes. I continued to notice my dog getting more and more relaxed and the wailing stopped.

After this period of time of continuous BT ACCESS, I noticed her breathing normally and appearing quiet and calm. She started wiggling her tail when I spoke with her, then started licking me! I checked her body over, and there did not seem to be any broken bones. I put her down and she immediately started scratching at the grass, running in circles playfully and let us both know she was FINE!

I carry the BEST TOOLS one could EVER have in an emergency.. MY HANDS!!! and FAST AID :-)

hugs, amy R.N., AdvCBP, CBI

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