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Cortices/Fast aid,/BodyTalk/Parama in the ER

Submitted 21-Dec-11 by

Sunny Greenberg, Client, Philadelphia, Pa.


On our way to dinner with friends, we walked through Princeton NJ and I tripped on an uneven pavement. My shoe caught in the crack of the pavement long enough for me to completely lose my balance. My fall down was rapid. I fell face/head down on the concrete. I lost a front tooth and was bleeding profusely from my mouth. My bottom lip was also bleeding profusely as my bottom teeth went through my bottom lip. My left wrist was severely bent back as well as my left thumb joint. It was also the left side of my head at the eye brow area, that broke my fall. As I saw the pavement coming towards me, I was most frightened that my eye glasses would shatter and I would lose my eye. Fortunately, as I hit the ground my glasses moved to the right side of my head and did not break. It took me a several minutes to compose myself before I could be lifted to stand up to go to the ER. When I arrived at the waiting of the hospital, my husband, who is an Access technician, did fast aid - tapping out cortices to the tooth/mouth area while we waited. Within 10 minutes, I was taken to an area in ER. Upon arrival in the ER room, my fogginess was dissipating and I felt more more relaxed. Also the bleeding in my mouth was lessening. Chris Dickey BodyTalk practitioner was contacted by my husband and he described my condition to her. My mouth area had greatly swelled and it was difficult for me to talk. After some time, and because the ER is usually a four to five hr. procedure, I insisted my friends and husband go out to dinner. During this time, I agreed to having my inner lip area stitched up - it took four stitches. I also allowed e-rays on my left wrist which was a major area of pain. I refused a cat scan. But in a while, the bone above my left eye was throbbing and my vision was blurry. This, along with the doctors words "you are at risk of a brain bleed," I gave in to the cat-scan. Results of X-rays, - no breaks in wrist, no brain bleed. My husband returned with results of the BT session from Chris. Agenda session with BodyTalk and PaRama procedures. We had a 1 and 1/2 hour drive home and by the time We arrived, I felt very calm and very tired. (it was 11:00p.m.) I had a restful nights sleep. When I awoke the next day my overall pain, ie: legs, back was much abated. Swelling in my mouth was down considerably, my wrist was no longer hurting, free of bruises and swelling was gone. I met with the Dental surgeon first day, who was able to prepare for teeth replacements, etc. Later that day, I met with the family doctor who administered the tetanus shot. She examined me and was amazed at how well my body handled the fall, its resilience and stability. ie: no bruising, no bleeding no discomfort. She said I am an example of someone who takes care of her health, has a good diet, works out, takes vitamins, etc. I then told her I received BodyTalk while still in the Er. She then said, "that explains the reason my wrist is no longer swollen or pained." It was 24 hrs after the fall and the doctor noted some softness at my left brow but no bruising, nothing more serious then a slight softness. It is a day later that I am writing this testimonial (12/21/) and there is no swelling in my wrist at all. My mouth is healing, I continue to sleep well at night, I feel calm, and I am getting back my energy. BodyTalk never ceases to amaze me. Special thank you to Chris Dickey and of course, John Veltheim.

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