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Slate the Rabbit

Submitted 11-Mar-12 by

Nancy Briggs, Practitioner, Ontario, Canada

Keywords: animal talk, rabbit, cat attack

The Story of Slate, the Rabbit- BodyTalk for Animals Testimonial

On October 4th, of 2011 I got a call from the owner of Slate, a little grey rabbit that had been rescued from a neglectful home. On September 30th, somehow he had gotten out of his cage during the day and the two cats had gotten hold of him. When the owner returned home from work he was laying on the floor not moving, but severely traumatized with his right ear flopped down and several bites along his head and the back of his neck. He wouldn't eat. The owner, Tara, a BTer as well, began some tapping on him.

(see pic. Slate #1-Sept.30,2011)

By the time we did the session, two days later, he had swelling on his head and neck and was frantic. We did several links , via surrogate, among which was an Active Memory related to the attack by the cats. Tara writes: "On the initial visit to the vet I was quoted ($ 650.00) an incredible amount of money for the vet to do blood work, knock him out and lance the abscess, Hospital observation, IV, Antibiotics and the prognosis was not a good one because of the proximity of the swelling Head and back of skull spine area. I did take the economy plan and went home with high test bunny food that I could syringe feed him along with anti- biotic and pain meds. The antibiotics were used for 5 days. Mother Nature aided by Bodytalk did the rest. "

We did a second session on October 20th, at which time he appeared to be in no pain, and had no fever, and was eating well, with lots of energy. However, behind his right ear had split open although it looked clean, as if the infection was coming out. Also there was a chunk of fur and skin that had fallen off the back of his neck and the wound was open, but again very clean looking. The owner continued to tap and bathe the areas with epsom salts to keep the infection from going into the spinal area or brain. Although it looked very nasty, Slate was acting normal and eating and playing, even to the point of socializing with the cats, through the wire of his cage, this time! Apparently, he had no fear remaining of them or negative recollection of the attack.

Tara writes: "It seems that his ear has split to allow for the draining ...he also has an area at the back of his head that has split open....I have been trying to apply epsom salts soaked towels to assist in drawing this stuff out and recently have put polysporin on topically.. My friend has warned that if the abscess has spread so much that it may affect his brain..... I really cannot afford another 250 vet bill so I thought I would try some more Bodytalk first. Strangely there is no sign of fever and he is eating very well and has lots of energy ! " (see Pic #2 Slate #2- October 20, 2011)

On October 25th Tara writes: "Slate seems well; however, I have noticed an increase of discharge from his ear. He will not allow the salt compress so I am letting him do his own thing....aside from a tear at the tip of his ear which I am sure will be permanent he looks good and is eating well... Tara"

"Nov. 7, 2011 Hi Nancy, Here is a recent pic of Slate. As you can see his ear is healing really well. There is another pocket at the base of his ear that I am keeping an eye on but so far it looks good. He also has a slice in his ear that will serve as a reminder of this whole thing....Thanks again for all of your help. I will be in touch if he needs any further assistance with this . Tara" (see pic #3-Slate #3- Nov. 7, 2011)

(see pic #4-Slate #4 -Nov. 7, 2011)

"Feb. 20, 2012 Slate is just fine thanks. And living a very pampered lifestyle I might add.... Tara"

As of Feb. 2012, he is doing very well and shows no signs of his trauma. Physical and emotional recovery is complete, save for a slightly tattered right ear.

(see pic #5-Slate #5- Feb. 20, 2012)

Nancy Briggs CBP, ParBP Tara Gibson BTA Tech.

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