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Allergies Symptoms Disappearing

Submitted 31-Mar-12 by

Tricia True, Member, Grass Valley, California

Keywords: allergies, asthma, pnuemonia

I began BodyTalk because I believed there was something to Energy Medicine. No side effects, fast and effective appealed to me. Also, I was seeking a career adventure to enhance massage therapy. I had suffered allergies as a child. In my 30's I had bronchitis 3 - 5 times per year. In my 40's I developed asthma. At 49 I had pneumonia. I then went through the allergy shots and that resulted in asthma attack, shortness of breath and was prescribed medication, inhalers, and humidifiers. I slowly decreased each of these replacing them with a healthy diet and light exercise. I had my first session in September 2010 and began doing the BodyTalk Access daily, became a member of the IBA, took the Fundamentals and continued taking all the modules up until February 13th 2012. Now after 50 + sessions I have experienced multiple benefits: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual! Since BodyTalk sessions I have had no cold symptoms! Increased deep sleep, waking up refreshed and with a positive attitude. No more what's going to happen today with apprehension, anxiety and poor me. I now give honest feedback, receive others feedback, set healthy boundaries, say what I want, express myself, work things out, put forth my ideas, take charge. Is this me? Wow! There is more embracing the mystery, seeing more the wonderment and being curious and open about meeting life's challenges!

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