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Blepharospasm Healing

Submitted 17-Apr-12 by

Nancy Spalding, Client, St Petersburg,FL

Keywords: blepheraspasm, dystonia

I had a type of focal dystonia called blepharospasm. People suffering from the condition experience an involuntary clenching of the muscles that control the eyelid, causing uncontrollable blinking and closing for periods of time, which generally affects both eyes. This can progress from increased blinking to inability to open the eyelids, and finally, to functional blindness.

I had this condition for over 7 years and it was getting worse. When driving I had to hold one eye open and had several car accidents and had to quit my job. I had been to half a dozen neurologists and neuro-ophthalmologists and the only treatments were injections of Botox every 6-8 weeks, powerful drugs or brain surgery. All the doctors said I would have most likely have the condition for life and it would probably get worse.

I heard about Bodytalk from a sister-in-law who had gone to a weekend seminar about it. I started seeing a practioner ,Elizabeth Spadaro and saw her every week for about about a month. I was also experiencing depression and that improved greatly, but my blepharospasm didn't so I got discouraged and stopped going for awhile, got another injection of Botox, which only worked for a few weeks and didn't help much. and decided to go back for more Bodytalk sessions. I think part of my healing was my finally believing that I didn't want this condition anymore and that it was possible to get rid of it. I woke up one morning a few weeks later and the spasms were gone. It has been over 6 years since then and the condition never returned. I ended an unhappy marriage and am very happy and healthy now thanks to seeing Elizabeth.

There are thousands of people suffering from this disorder and I strongly encourage them to try Bodytalk with an open mind. The Botox or drugs only mask the symptoms and do nothing to improve the condition. With Bodytalk they can get to the root of the problem and heal from within.

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