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Multiple Sclerosis Remission

Submitted 25-May-12 by

Christine Corlett, Practitioner, Courtenay, B.C. Canada

Keywords: mutiple sclerosis remission

Thanks to Skot for his testimonial explaining how he has gone from bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis to pain free in about a years time. BodyTalk Practitioners around the world have been working with MS patients and here is a powerful example of how BodyTalk has helped the body heal itself in short time and with a complete turn around of symptoms. When I first encountered Skot- he was experiencing a relapse and literally shaking and squirming in pain with his nervous system feeling like it was on fire- After several sessions he is now off interferon, and is back on his bike after 4 years and living his life again! In addition to private sessions, Skot was also privy to a group session with all the local BodyTalk practitioners here in the Comox Valley. This public session took place as a demonstration during a group BodyTalk presentation- This session also definitely had a big impact on Skot's healing. Thanks to Roberta Meilleur and Fiona Black for the group work as well! Thanks for the opportunity to work with you Skot! Christine Corlett HeartBlooms BodyTalk

BodyTalk Testimonial: Multiple Sclerosis Remission "During my first session it was clear to me that Christine was a natural healer. She is highly intuitive, and highly focused on helping in the healing process. During her scans she found and conveyed information that only I could have known, and told me things that I wanted to know but had not yet asked her about. It was a very inspiring, insightful, and exhilarating experience. I have gone from being bedridden with my MS symptoms, suffering debilitating relapses and taking interferon and chemo therapies to: drug free, relapse free, pain free and feeling better with more vitality than I have in 4 years. The knowledge that she has imparted has helped guide me toward a deeper understanding of my body, and my life on many levels. I have been back for more, and will continue to do so. Well worth it!" Robert Skot McMillan


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