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Peru Holiday Saved by BodyTalk

Submitted 25-Jun-12 by

Katy Sapsford, Student, Saskatoon, Canada

Keywords: fast aid, access

I recently took the BodyTalk Access for Animals course, after being a client for many years, this is the first time I have taken a course. Only a couple of days after doing the course I went on holiday in Peru and was in a pretty major bus crash. As we were all standing on the side of the highway, trying to figure out what to do next, when I remembered the Fast Aid technique that we learned in my course. The only pain that I was feeling at the time was in my shoulder, and though I couldn't remember the exact reciprocal I knew it was something in the hip, so I just kept running through that until we were taken back to our hotel. The next day I had bruises all over the right side of my body, but my shoulder that had been very sore right after the accident was completely bruise free! Then a couple of days later the full extent of my injuries came out and I lost a lot of mobility in my right shoulder. As I was supposed to be departing on a 4 day hike just a couple of days after I worked on as many reciprocals as I could think of (including all of the bruises on the right side of my body) and by the time I started the trek I had my full range of motion back in my shoulder and the rest of my bruises started to go down. I am sure that without BodyTalk I would not have been able to complete that trek, which was the main reason for going to Peru in the first place!

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