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Alive! Well! and able to eat!

Submitted 29-Jul-12 by

Molly, Client, Las Vegas, NV USA

Keywords: recovery, near death experience, renal failure, multiple organ failure, body talk, prescriptions, n.d.e.

After Having had acute anxiety and having been misdiagnosed and neglectfully prescribed, what a pharmacist called a lethal cocktail of medications i ended up going through multiple organ failure and renal failure, and having a N.D.E. while in hospital care, I left unable to eat more than a pencil's volume of food a day. After weening myself off of the hospitals substitute medication, continuing to believe in their diagnosis which made me even more ill. Over a 6 month period, shaving a few mgs per dose. What I was left with was loss of long term and short term memory, all appetite and interest and vitality. I called myself a couch throw pillow because it wouldn't have made a difference if I was at that time of recovery. At this point I was dismally hopeless and distrusting of western money bags mainstream Dr. having been literally HANDED SSDI upon my hospital exit as long as I promised not to sue the state. I looked for a new Dr. on the Medicare listings for my area in need of a remedy besides a forever liquid diet and found all of the 60 listed MDs were no longer accepting Medicare, had moved and/ or were no longer in practice here. I randomly found Michelle Johnson ND while going through these other channels online. I swear she saved my health and got me back on track to healthy digestion and mind. Body Talk is highly unconventional and Effective!! I eat and exercise regularly now as "normal" and have recovered almost all of my memory through brain training games and basic flash cards. My life interests have mostly returned to normal in spurts over the last 2 years. It has been a long arduous uphill road of recovery. The most difficult to recover from was/ is the trauma and trauma memories induced by the poor/ negligible medical treatment previously received and the side effects of the mis-prescribed medications. You can not put a $ on trust and confidence in care givers; it's either earned or sold to the highest bidder. She may not be able to take my insurance and she is still worth every affordable penny. I am back to see her again, this time my Gynecologist helped me mess up my thyroid functioning, too busy plugging clients with name brand prescriptions to notice or acknowledge. Through this all and seeing the awe inspiring results ( I got my life back!) I am eternally grateful to Michelle Johnson my Body Talk specialist!!!

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