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Improvement in Chronic Diseases

Submitted 17-Aug-12 by

Alexandra Hopkins, Practitioner, United States

Keywords: lyme disease, ehlers-danlos disease, genetic disease, chronic disease

This client is 62 and suffers from a lifelong genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos, which prevents adequate muscle from forming. Instead of muscle, the body forms scar tissue. She also suffers from chronic Lyme disease. Both diseases cause tiredness and pain. She knew of no cure or even treatment for Ehlers-Danlos, and she had not been able to afford the treatment for Lyme disease at a time when it would have been effective. Previously, she had been on pain medication but it interfered with her ability to think and remember. She had stopped taking it years earlier. This is what she told me on the phone after a series of four BodyTalk sessions I gave her:

"I'm noticing that I have a little more energy. I can be on my feet a little longer than usual. When I need to get off my feet but can't get off my feet, it isn't such a devastating experience.

"The most interesting thing is I seem to have an avenue into better understanding of the scar tissue that Ehlers-Danlos disease creates. I'm getting a handle on this now. I'm getting a feel for how much massage is needed to get rid of the scar tissue. And it's going away. I'm exercising more. I'm swimming three times a week now and for longer.

"This is all about an extreme makeover! I'm very satisfied. You have helped me really so much!"

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