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Module 5: Perfect follow up to Mod 1&2

Submitted 15-Oct-12 by

Cheryl Hunt, Member, Ottawa, ON


I am fairly new to BodyTalk and have taken and monitored BodyTalk Fundamentals within the past year and a half. Initially I wanted to get my practitioner certification before taking any advanced modules, as I want to be confident with the basics before adding more to my toolbox.

As we all know, sometimes a course comes to your area and you jump at the chance to take it when it does. This is why I signed up for Module 5: Lymphatic Drainage, Anatomy and Physiology with Tracey Clark-Worrall this past weekend. I was pleasently surprised that the material in this course helped to clarify the physiology of many systems I am already using in my sessions; like organs, endocrines, cells and tissues. The Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage technique taught in this course is so simple, yet so incredibly effective, and wonderful to both give and receive treatments. It also gives me something to offer in "Other Modalities", and for a newcomer this is very exciting,

Overall, the course is very hands-on treatment based, and it completely compliments everything learned in BodyTalk Fundamentals, without being overwhelming. If you are looking for the "next step" I would highly suggests this course with Tracey Clark-Worrall.

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