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A fresh lease on life

Submitted 17-Nov-12 by

Taryn Edge, Client, Durban, South Africa

Keywords: pain, negative attitude, leg, depressed, listless, insecure

"My husband passed away and I became completely negative in my life. (Insecure, negative, listless, not wanting to live anymore.) I had lots of pain in my leg and could not even walk freely, scared of even doing a little exercise. I came for BodyTalk and after two sessions only, my pain got less and I must thank God also. I started going for walks and became positive and I did not let anything get me down. Now I am free of pain and enjoying my life in a normal and positive way. I would recommend BodyTalk to anyone who really wants to lead a normal and happy life." Rashida (client)

"This client has lost all her zest for life. Her hubby had died two years prior, leaving her with only the flat she was in. She had a small life saving only, that was nearing completion. She knew she had to sew clothes to cover her living expenses, yet she hadn't been able to face it. She stayed couped up in her flat, away from people. Her financial survival was at jeopardy if she did not change her life around. It was wonderful to see this client become a ray of sunshine again. She honestly thanked God for the day that my mom fetched her from her flat, and brought her to attended my public lecture where she was chosen for a demo BodyTalk balance. She booked and paid for one more session with me, and I saw her again with a friend she brought for a balance. She is a changed woman. Passionate, enthusiastic and engaging in her life again." Taryn Edge (practitioner)

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