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Hot Pepper

Submitted 14-Apr-13 by

David True, Practitioner, Denver, Co

Keywords: arthritis

I was out visiting family in Denver and a friend of my sister's, has a elderly dog Pepper who was in alot of pain, and was prescribed arthritis drugs that affected her quality of life. My offer to do a BodyTalk For Animals session was received positively and after I met the owner and Pepper I went walking through the house looking for a quiet place and upon stepping into the den found Pepper sitting next to a couch looking like she was waiting for me. She did not budge until the owner, who acted as Pepper's surrogate, came in and lay down. The session was ready to begin and Pepper went and lay down. The session was incredible for the owner as several events and phobias of Peppers came up during the session. I flew back home and received the following email from Pepper's owner. " I wanted to give you an update on Pepper. She is like a new dog. Now I am not so sure about her Arthritis Meds. I am a strong believer in your treatment. She is running around outside barking,playing with neighbor dogs,showing more interest in her toy's-general overall improvement. I couldn't be more pleased!!! Thank you sooooooo much. Really, she means the world to me. May the Heavens Above shine bright upon you." I have checked in 2 months later and Pepper is still going strong and off her arthritis meds.

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