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No more flu, or stress and anxiety

Submitted 18-Apr-13 by

Taryn Edge, Instructor, Durban, South Africa

Keywords: anger, colds, anxiety, stress, flu, emotional

Soloshni Govender, Credit controller: " I used to get the flu once every two months (I'd get body pains, runny nose, cough and be feverish) and I would always have to go to the doctor for an injection and antibiotics. It would last for 5-7 days and the doctor would always book me off for a minimum of 3 days.

I will always be owing Jackie for having introduced me to Taryn, because in the last six months my health has improved so drastically that I've forgotten what it's like to have the flu, because I just haven't had the need to visit the doctor for flu or any other health related condition. I'd highly recommend BodyTalk to people who are "gatvol" with taking medication, because for every medication you do take, there are hidden or obvious side effects.

I'm not just physically healthier, but mentally, emotionally and consciously too. I feel totally peaceful, it's like I'm complete; my mind and my body are in synch with each other. I'm a more relaxed person, and no matter how stressful the situation or environment may be - I can handle it calmly without shouting and becoming erratic. I can be in control of the situation without letting the situation get the better of me. I can think it through- without overreacting.

When my work colleague came back from her 6 months maternity leave, she wanted to know who is this new person! She was more fascinated in how I was able to remain composed and calm during stressful situations. (she knew how I used to be as we had worked together for years.)

She came to me after uncovering something fraudulent in the company whilst she was away. I was able to assist her without letting the emotions get the better of me. I was able to advise her of the companies policies and procedures. Previously I would have been angry at the person, want to get them fired, I would have had the need to get personally and emotionally involved in the situation, whereas now I was detached and able to think the situation through rationally.

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