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Lost weight got healthy and more

Submitted 26-Apr-13 by

Alexandra Hopkins, Client, United States

Keywords: intuition, weight loss, enjoyment of life, vertigo, toenail fungus, eyebrows, tooth decay, gum inflamation, healthy, joint problems, skeletal problems, circulation problems, fear of heights, fear of driving, phobias, chigger bites, buttons

I started with BodyTalk almost exactly 4 years ago when I was 63. I read the book "BodyTalk System" and started to give myself sessions, which I really enjoyed and got changes from. Then I bought some sessions from a professional BodyTalk practitioner. I really enjoyed the sessions--they were very relaxing and pleasant, and, again, I got gains. Since then I've done about seven seminars and given myself many, many sessions and also traded with other practitioners for sessions.

Here's what I lost: 30 pounds (and kept them off for 3 years so far), mild hypoglycemia, the need to pee each night at about 3 a.m., stiffness and pain in the lumbar area, intermittent vertigo due to an inner ear problem, clunks of bones rubbing against bones in both my shoulders, mild inflammation of my gums and a couple of decayed teeth each year, toenail fungus in two toes, the need to take 30-40 supplements a day (I'm down to one supplement, which saves me $500 a month plus the nutritionist's fees), an inclination to chigger bites and a really itchy reaction, fear of heights, fear of driving, fear and dislike of traveling, dislike of cooking, stress about being overwhelmed with too much to do, and many "buttons" which upset me.

Here's what I gained: more eyebrows (half of each eyebrow had disappeared on the outside edge of each eye), better circulation in both hands (fingernails turned from stark white to slightly pinkish), ability to create recipes that my husband loves (I intuit how the flavors will taste to him), a stronger green thumb, and enjoyment of life. I never really enjoyed life before I did BodyTalk.

This doesn't include what friends and family around me have gained, for whom I've done sessions. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the results.

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