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Submitted 04-Jan-16 by

Janet, Practitioner, Canada

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In November 2014, my life started to change, my 20 year old son started getting into trouble with the law, prescription drugs and a bad relationship breakup. Things got progressively worse from there. In January 2015, I finally started action towards my on going question, Is this it, this can't be all there is to life, someone I had gone to high school had posted things on facebook about a place in Newport, Nova Scotia. I emailed Namaste Esperanzo, Kelley called me and I went to check the place out. In January I picked my son up in jail again, I then took him to Namaste, he was enrolled in the 3 month trauma program at Namaste, 7 weeks later he left and told me BodyTalk was a bandaid. I continued going for treatments for myself and stayed there for 2 full months. As Kelley took me through the processes and I started looking at myself, my life has transformed in many ways. The BodyTalk month immersion at Namaste in November gave me the confidence to write my exam in December and I continue to work at the center part time. I am now a BodyTalk Practitioner getting ready to open my own BodyTalk Business. My son has got his life together, back to work, finishing his degree this year, off all drugs and now says he runs his life through the BodyTalk System with all the tools Kelley taught him. I give many thanks to Kelley Burry for all she has done for myself and my family. I am looking forward for the upcoming immersions at Namaste in 2016.

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