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Submitted 28-Mar-16 by

Chris Lowe, Client, South Africa

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Received this morning and deeply grateful that she has taken the time to attest to her experience with BT and have given me permission to publish it and add her name to it. This was her first session of BT. "Good morning Chris! Here is some feedback on my experience with Body Talk. Please stop wasting time and book an appointment with Chris. You will NOT regret it. We tend to overthink things. Believe me, you are privileged to have access to someone with this amazing gifted talent. I only wish I had discovered Body Talk therapy a very long time ago! I was going to tell you what my life was like before but let me rather tell you how much my life has improved. The first thing I noticed after my first session was that my neck and shoulders felt lighter, like a heavy sandbag had been removed. My body aches subsided. It also felt like a dark veil had been pulled off me and my mind was lighter. The depression has lifted. Now I feel happy and bubbly and have energy again. My enthusiasm is back and I have become immersed in my work without the resistance and stress. I am re-connected. I sleep restfully and my appetite is back. I no longer live in fear and trepidation of the next thing. I am calmer and not so irritable and frustrated. Being at home I feel content safe and secure. It was an illusion, like a nightmare that you wake up from and find that it is not real. I have so much to be grateful for. From the bottom of my heart I want to tell others this - do not lose hope. Chris is so enthusiastic and excited to help you and guide you. Invest in yourself for a change. Give yourself permission to seek and find healing. Invest in yourself for a change. You have nothing to lose. I am now of the belief that my best IS good enough!" Charlene van den Berg

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