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BodyTalk Works!

Submitted 28-Apr-16 by

Charlene Cooper, Member, San Ramon, CA

Keywords: bodytalk, stress, car accident, pain, fear

"I was recently involved in a bad car accident that made me fearful about driving or even being in a car in the freeway. I became extremely tense and stressed out while I was being driven to and from work, feeling sick to my stomach. I also became apprehensive, even at work. I seemed to be in fear of something all of the time. I didn't know how to get over the anxiety I was experiencing, and I needed help. I called Charley less than one week after my car accident, and I was very pleased with her immediate response. After my first BodyTalk seesion with her, I was remarkably calmer. Charley also showed me breathing techniques and suggested I use essential oils, specifically lavender, to soothe me while meditating when my fiance drove me to and from work. I still felt a little nervous about driving, but by remembering the tools that Charley showed me, I was able to overcome my uneasiness. Charley is very professional, very kind and gentle. She made me confortable and open to anything new that was going on in my body, which allowed her to work and balance what needed to be balanced. I am grateful for her as a person and thankful for the services that she will continue to provide me, even after my significant improvement. Thank you, Charley, for what you do!" BodyTalk works! ~Rojani S. Alamo, CA

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