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30 years of Debilitating Pain

Submitted 20-Jun-16 by

Nancy Briggs Adv. CBP, Practitioner, Sutton West, Ontario, Canada

Keywords: pain, face, neck jaw, 30 years, environmental factors, abuse

Testimonial from client Sophia W.- May 27.2016 Sophia has been a client since Sept. 2014. She has had 18 sessions of BodyTalk over the last 1.5 years. She recorded the following testimonial for me to share. Below are my session comments and notes.

She experienced severe pain in right side of her head for over 30 years. Many visits to Doctors and specialists were made and many tests were done, over the years, to try to determine what the problem was. She had been prescribed antidepressants (Paxil for years), because they "couldn't find anything". The pressure and pain remained the same. Doctors had given her pain pills, but it never went away. Some days it was worse than others, but it never went away completely. The complete right side of her head was in pain with a kind of pressure. It included ear problems and extended to the mastoid bone behind the right ear. It felt like she had "bugs crawling in her ear". They put scopes up her nose to see if they could find anything. Nothing. She started having panic attacks in 2014 and became desperate. After being offered more pills and antidepressants, she got so bad that she drove to the local Health Hut in Jackson's Point, to see if they could help. A lady working there gave her my business card. She said "she will help you, call her". So Sophia called for her first BT appt. in September 2014. She says, "Nancy helped me. Thank you Nancy!" A month ago Sophia. went to the Dr. for results of some more tests and the family Dr. said, "We found nothing. Go back to BodyTalk!" Sophia told her that the pain was gone. "You can talk about what we have shared. This is working for me. If someone else needs help, I am happy to recommend BodyTalk and my experience with Nancy has helped me become pain free after over 30 years!" Sophia W. Sophia arrived for her first session with a very high level of tension. It became evident to me right away that her marriage of 35 years was abusive in every way. We talked about this situation in the very first session; however, she felt very disempowered and was afraid to leave the situation, due to financial, cultural reasons and a great deal of threatening behaviour. After this first session she had 1 week of huge changes in her physical symptoms, but by the time of the next session 1 week later, the problem was returning. We worked on many stress issues and some earlier blows to the head. Self-care came up in the second session, along with many links that related to the past abuse patterns. The third session found the issue worse again, and it became obvious that she needed to protect herself energetically from the constant emotional abuse. We had various levels of success with some intermittent pain relief, but always it was connected to the environmental issues and fear of speaking up. A few times I referred her back to her Dr. again, just to get heart symptoms checked out, and possible mastoid infection. All tests came back negative. Also, tooth problems were checked and a root canal was needed on the left lower jaw, but nothing on the right. In April of last year, she was feeling very down. We continued to work on self-esteem and self-confidence along with many links to the cranial nerves on the right side of the head. By May of 2015 she was feeling "beautiful"! In July she had a few weeks of being very good and then the pain and pressure returned. At this point, they had begun to build a new house, where she could have her own space. Finally, in Sept. 2015, she could feel a draining feeling in the ear during the session. Many of our links centered on relaxation of the nervous system along with PaRama programs run on the cranial nerves. Over all was always the Consciousness of not wanting to hear the verbal abuse in her environment. In Nov. Sophia had begun to develop her own financial support via work outside the home. Along with this was a budding new self-confidence she had never felt before. She shared with me at this session that a psychologist some 20 years ago had said, "You don't have a problem, your husband is the problem". At this point, her husband began to come for BT, as he was feeling very unwell with shoulder and chest pain. His shoulder issues changed dramatically at the very first session, from a 15* range of motion to the front and to the side, to 180*, but after the shoulder issue was resolved, he discontinued his sessions. By December she only needed 2 Advil to sleep at night. In Jan. of 2016, the ear was hurting only once in a while, she would feel it draining, as if it had been plugged. Later in Jan, she had another setback and so I encouraged her to get a referral to an ENT specialist. This was followed up and again "nothing was found". These were the recent tests. By this session in May 2016, all the pain, pressure and symptoms that were presented with in 2014 had disappeared. Sophia was delighted and grateful and was telling her story as she left my office, so we recorded her testimonial and I have written it up with her permission and approval with the details filled in from my notes. It has been an honour to work with this lovely woman and see the changes she has made in her life! I am thrilled that the BodyTalk system was able to help her. May 29, 2016 Nancy Briggs Adv. CBP

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