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Wood tick bite relieved

Submitted 30-Aug-13 by

Debra Brown, Practitioner, Canada

Keywords: tick bite

Two to three days prior to the session, the client had been bitten by a wood tick on her pubic area. I was told that it was red, swollen, oozing and based on her past experience would probably take weeks to subside. For this reason, her enjoyment of nature in spring was being restricted to walking on the road and sitting on the deck.

We worked with a childhood memory [during which time she remembered her mother had also had a tick bite on the pubic area] and entanglement with the mother's emotions. We did Cellular Repair on the inherited pattern of shutting down on feelings and Body Chemistry to the wood tick toxin/allergic response. We finished with Circulation Nerve Supply (blood lymph nerve to the bite area). During the latter portion of the session, the client experienced tingling in a couple of her fingers and sensitivity/pain spots along the outside of her hips. She left as itchy as she arrived.

I was later told that in the middle of the night (after the session), the bite area cooled dramatically. I remembered that it takes 24 hours to move through the Chinese meridians and noted that the tingling fingers could well have been associated with the Triple Heater (9-11 pm), thigh spots with Gallbladder (11pm-1am) and area of tick bite with Liver (1-3am).

The client felt that her healing was advanced by several weeks compared to past experiences, and also observed reduced skin reaction to other insect bites.

This was my 44th session as a practicing student using Modules 1&2.

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