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AnimalTalk helps dog struck by car recover from severe injuries

Submitted 18-Aug-09 by

Jacquie McIntyre, Practitioner, Queensland, Australia

Keywords: animaltalk, dog, vet, cortices, accident, bruising, cuts, bleeding, bladder, recovery, nerve damage

This testimonial comes to me from a client, Janet, who has given this with permission to use it on websites and for promotional material. I received it 19/08/09 and refers to events that started in April 09. Also fantastic to note that on the first day that Janet contacted me about Shadow she also watched John's video on the Cortices technique and with some additional guidance she was able to apply Cortices to Shadow daily, which helped greatly with his remarkable recovery. Cheers, Jacquie.

"My name is Janet. Last April our 18 month much loved stray bitza, Shadow, was hit by a car. He was seriously hurt with broken back leg, nerve damage to a front leg rendering it unusable, massive bruising, deep cuts requiring a lot of stitches and bleeding into the bladder. It was a very distressing time for my husband and I. Adding to our distress was the decisions that we were required to make – should we go into considerable debt, not knowing if he would live a normal life; should we let him go, even though the thought of that was terribly distressing.

One piece of information that was missing was whether Shadow wanted to go through a long recovery or whether he felt it was his time to go. I felt it would have been selfish to keep him going if he didn't want to keep going. Although the vets looking after Shadow were excellent, so skilled and caring, they couldn't answer that question. In steps Jacquie: I contacted her 2 days after the accident with the big question, "Did Shadow want to keep going". Jacquie did answer that question – and much more, with several sessions over the next 2 weeks. We decided to keep Shadow and proceeded with the recovery treatments. His recovery was remarkable and he ended up coming home early from the vet. (We were walking him in the vet car park and Shadow headed off to our car – and the vet let him have his way!)

In the days following, Jacquie was also very helpful. Caring for a sick dog at home was stressful particularly as I was never sure if Shadow was distressed or not. He has such a docile nature, he's not easily stressed and doesn't show when he's in pain. I felt confident that Jacquie had a sense of what Shadow needed and would let us know what Shadow was 'saying'.

Shadow is not out of the woods yet, as nerve damage to the front leg may still necessitate losing his leg. Jacquie is helping again, working with Shadow's natural healing instincts. We are still hopeful, but most importantly, Shadow is clearly very happy and is glad to be alive. He's so beautiful and now we appreciate him (and our other dog, Spatches) even more.

We made the right decision, thanks to Jacquie.

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