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Eczema / Fear of Flying

Submitted 01-Apr-14 by

Terra, Client, Canada

Keywords: eczema

I have been receiving Body talk from Susan Stenson for 3 and half years. She is a wonder!

BodyTalk has changed my life. I live in a more "present" place. I am no longer afraid of symptoms. I am grateful for my body's way to communicate with me through those symptoms. And through BodyTalk I believe I can address those symptoms and heal. I had eczema for 40 years! Sometimes extreme, covering my eyelids and often painful and embarrassing. After years of cortisone creams and blame, I finally went to BodyTalk...2 sessions later and the eczema was gone and has been gone for 3 years now! My body was ready to let go and I was ready to listen!

I was a fearful flyer - extremely so. Through BodyTalk, I was able to understand the fear and why my body was responding to flying and to really listen to the symptoms of anxiety and fear. After consistent body talk, I am no longer afraid of flying. I actually love it and fly many times a year without the fear. BodyTalk is now part of my family's health care. Both my young children go as well as my husband. It is an integral part of our lives for both the emotional and physical ups and downs. BodyTalk has opened me up to believing in my body, that I can heal and change and live with prosperity, balance, and the firm belief that we are meant to be healthy and well.

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