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Fear of Choking

Submitted 01-Apr-14 by

Natalie, Client, United States

Keywords: choking

"My name is Natalie and I cannot say enough about the help that Sonjue was able to lend to my ten year old daughter, Paris. Paris developed an intense phobia of choking to death after witnessing my mother choke very badly during a mealtime. We spent two months bouncing to twice weekly appointments with a psychotherapist and occupational therapist all the while she was subsisting on chicken broth and ice cream. She lost over twenty pounds during this time and it was very stressful and scary. Being only ten she was not a great candidate for acupuncture; so we were referred by a friend to Sonjue. We went to our first appointment feeling unsure but open minded. Paris was very comfortable with Sonjue and the body talk session; which she found to be relaxing. Within an hour of leaving our appointment Paris felt comfortable eating semi solid food for the first time in over two months. I couldn't believe it and was overwhelmed with relief and joy. Paris continually stated how lifted she felt and that she knew in her heart that Sonjue had been successful in delivering the assistance she desperately needed. We continued on with three more sessions over a two month period; which Paris really looked forward to. We have now successfully completed treatment and can't say enough about what Body Talk and Sonjue provided that traditional therapies could not. Although this is not a mainstream type of therapy, we will always be believers!! Paris is completely healed and we are free to move forward; and for that I will always be truly grateful!"

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