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Lupus / Autoimmune

Submitted 01-Apr-14 by

Momo, Client, United States

Keywords: lupus, autoimmune

I had seen and tried anyone and anything that seemed to have any kind of impact in helping me turn my Lupus Diagnoses around. Starting from western doctors who could only offer me drugs and stronger drugs that harms me just as much as it helps with the symptoms. Moved on to trying all types of alternative methods; Acupuncture, Medical Qi Gong, Bioenergetics specialists, Energy Medicine, Healers, Herbs, Naturopathic Medicine, Psychologists, Meditation, Yoga, strict diets, detox methods, and all kinds of life style changes. Although all of these had helped me heal and recover significantly, I had hit a wall. All of these methods were helping me sustain my health to a certain degree but my body was still compromised and delicate that if any one thing was slightly out of balance my body would start acting up again. I was still extremely sensitive to my environment with many things I had to avoid because my body would react in one way or another. I knew there had to be more I could do to strengthen my body and truly heal completely. That was when I met Sonjue. She told me about Body Talk, I was intrigued but skeptical as to how it worked and what it could do for me. I was already seeing a few acupuncturists regularly as well as my Naturopathic and Western doctors. But I figured it could only help, what's the harm in trying out one session? The worst that could happen would be that it does nothing and I would be out whatever it cost. So I went in wanting to know more and although I didn't get a full understanding of what exactly it was doing through my first session, I felt a wonderful sense of lightness I hadn't felt in so long, I decided to trust my instinct that was saying I should give this a try. The things that came up during the session that were addressed were so to the core of the issue I can't even explain, I was just in awe. All this time I felt like everything I had tried was touching on parts of my issues of my physical, mental, spiritual health. So it all helped bit by bit so I was getting more whole one piece at a time but there was still a gaping hole that wasn't being fully addressed. Finally I had found someone who could really work with all the pieces and heal me from the inside out. Sonjue has such a warm welcoming energy you feel comfortable the second you meet her. And she's happy to share all her wisdom, it's fascinating to hear. With Lupus being such a complicated Autoimmune Disease I had to come in for Body Talk sessions as well as NAET treatments. After only a month everyone around me started noticing how vibrant and active I had become. My body is so much stronger I started to get my life back. I've been seeing her ever since and in only a few months, I picked up surfing, practice yoga every day, go running, hiking, ATVing, camping, rafting, all kinds of things that I couldn't do before without being wiped out for a good few weeks. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually I am at peace and grateful for how far I've come. Feeling blessed to have met Sonjue, I promise you will be saying the same after seeing her. You won't regret it! - Momo

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