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Delayed Speech and Sentence construction

Submitted 01-Sep-09 by

Taryn Edge, Instructor, Durban, South Africa

Keywords: toddlers, talking, words, delayed speech sentence construction

I was in Johannesburg visiting my boyfriend's family 2 weekends ago. I noticed Tristin, who was 17 months old, had not managed to start constructing sentences yet. I asked Jessica (the mom) whether she would like me to do a session?

So on the 23rd August, Sunday, sitting outside by the pool, I did a BodyTalk session for him.

This was Jessica's Face book status comment on Monday, the 24th August:

Jessica B: "I have the most amazing little boy ever;) he started making sentences:) August 24 at 4:22pm "

I called her that Monday, and she said he had said, "Come sit here" for the first time.

I called Jess today (1st Sept) and she said he is continuing to talk a lot more, and put a lot more words together e.g. Hello Oupa (Grandpa), Bye Oupa (Grandpa), Where's Beauty? (the domestic worker) - which he had never done in the past. He would only use one word, or a name....

What a blessing to be able to have the tools we do in BodyTalk.

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