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Body Vivaxis?. Noooooo!

Submitted 02-Dec-16 by

Jenny Lehr, Practitioner, South Africa

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Body Vivaxis?? Come on, I can accept a lot of the mind-bending stuff BT has exposed me to, but actually moving body parts is pushing it too far...well, that was where I was at in 2005 and needless to say, Body Vivaxis never came up in my sessions.

Fast track to 2013. i live on a game farm / nature reserve in the Drakensberg mountains area where we do periodically have snow and during a particularly heavy snowfall, an Impala ram broke his front right leg so I did the only thing I knew of to try and assist and did a distant session on him - first item - Body Vivaxis! Well, I couldn't even remember the technique so made up my own along the way as was constantly being urged with 'Further details' and landed up working with tilt, rotation,dial of a clock, increments, North, South etc and 3 sessions later he was no longer limping and using the leg normally, although you can see it wasn't entirely straight in the photo.

An interesting factor is that thereafter he would often bring his herd of damsels to graze on our front lawn and went on to have 100% birth rate for the following 3 seasons, so ultimately headed up a herd of some 30 buck. If I came across the heard while walking, his girls would instinctively be nervous and run away, but he would just look at me and continue to graze and they soon followed his example, relaxed and settled down.

A few months later in the summer of 2013, it was Bambi birthing time and one of the first born had what looked like a club foot and was unable to stand on it or use it in any way, so ditto above with the success of the BT and Body Vivaxis. A couple of weeks after that there was another baby born which had what looked like a 'tepee' on its front right shoulder and also couldn't move or use it. The session brought up that it had been kicked by a zebra and had a broken collarbone....more BT and Body vivaxis and a couple of weeks later, we couldn't identify which were the injured babies as they had totally healed and all of them were still alive and well. All of this happened within 6 months.

Since then there have been no further injuries that we have noticed. Furthermore, the herd has become so comfortable on our lawn that last season we even had one give birth right outside my therapy hut!

I guess the moral of the story is if you choose to disregard an element of BT, the matrix will make sure you learn about it in the end, as it did in my case!

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