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Asthma gone

Submitted 23-Jan-17 by

Nancy Briggs, Practitioner, Ontario, Canada

Keywords: asthma

Subject: My testimonial For 15 years, I have suffered asthma and when it becomes severe, I start coughing. I was full of mucus and could not breathe. I could not sleep at night, because as soon as I would lie down, the mucus would accumulate in the back of my throat and I could not breathe. Since I am over 70 years of age, I honestly thought that I was going to die from suffocation. As soon as my body would get chilled, I would catch a cold, and this would cause my asthma to work up. I would have to start my 7 days of prednizone. This would occur all winter. When it was hot out and I would do any kind of work, I would break into a sweat. I would sweat excessively and was soaked. I had to drink a lot of water and Gatorade. I also, had a lot of chemicals and toxins in my system. I worked in a building that was insulated with asbestos for years. After seeing the Doctor and asthma specialist, and few naturopaths, I was recommended Nancy Briggs from an old friend of mine in late August of 2016. As Nancy lived over an hour away from me, we decided to do long distance BodyTalk. She started in September and immediately discovered I had a great deal of built up of resentment over my ex and other past history of grief and hurt. She immediately started on removing the resentment, hurt and the fear of dying, the chemicals and toxins, and removing the mucus from my system. I started knitting a couple months into the session and developed nerve and muscle aches on my left neck and shoulder. I addressed this to Nancy and she immediately corrected the problem via the next BodyTalk session. Now I am knitting up a storm. After one session, I had no resentment of my ex or the fear of dying. After for four short months and my 6th session being the beginning of January 2017, all my asthma, catching colds, sweating, toxins and chemicals, sleeping problems have been resolved. I am now even looking forward to a long future and started renovation on my kitchen. Both Nancy and I feel that we have received excellent and incredible results. I was also pleased that Nancy via the BodyTalk sessions has corrected all my health issues through distance healing and all communications were done through email. I would highly recommend BodyTalk, in particular Nancy Briggs.

RYE Jan 2017

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