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Fear of Flying

Submitted 21-May-17 by

Sandy Combe, Practitioner, Scotland

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My client came to see me because she was terrified of flying but she was desperate to visit her friend in Australia. The following is her written testimonial: "When I first asked you for a BodyTalk session, I had no idea how or if it would make any difference to my life. Together, through a very comfortable partnership of working with you, BodyTalk and me, we have fully conquered my fear of flying. I could never have anticipated that I could fly to Melbourne in March this year, with absolutely no anxiety relating to flying. This allowed me to visit my best friend who was being treated for Breast Cancer and I am pleased to report I am already planning my return. Since that flight, I have flown to London and Spain, again with absolutely no fear or anxiety associatged with flying. I am very proud to say I have also booked a flight to go and visit my brother in London, in August. This is the real test... I am flying alone! I cannot wait!

My husband has recognised a real change in how I deal with everyday and unexpected things. He believes in nothing that cannot be proved, however, he believes that however it works, BodyTalk has definitely helped me to become a far happier and content person. I must admit, so do I.

I would like to say thank you to Sandy and to BodyTalk for helping me in so many different ways. I look forward to our next session."

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