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M.E. / CFS

Submitted 21-May-17 by

Sandy Combe, Practitioner, Scotland

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The following is a part of a written testimonial from my client who had been suffering for a long while with M.E.:

"The combination of a system I would now vouch for wholeheartedly and the committed, dedicated, insightful, sensitive and skilled practitioner is magical and, most definitely, unquestionably Healing. Diagnosed with M.E. /CFS 26 months ago, I had done the rounds of conventional medicine to be met with an inconsistent and sometimes downright judgemental pattern of experience. I had a connection through a colleague who simply said "Try Sandy"(BodyTalk) and I did. My body had been so ready to ask for help that the first lengthy session possibly proved too much. I allowed myself to be looked after and waited till the time felt right to try (again) until I grew into the person I am becoming and loving. I have to say that the connection between the mind and the body had completely escaped my awareness until my condition showed me I had not been listening to the messages of the mind for a very long time.. Very rarely do I (experience) the emotionally and physically crippling experiences of the condition now - in my case these are too many to mention, but muscle pain, immeasurable fatigue, complex cognitive dysfunctions, unthinkable despair and bladder/back/sleep/visual difficulties are but a few. BodyTalk WORKS! No question! It radically affects and effects holistically to complete good. Its a wonderful journey now, a blessing, an opportunity I would never have allowed for myself. All important things in life show themselves to me and all the less important things just fade away. Sandy (BodyTalk)helps affirm these belief systems with me through the warmth, empathy and challenge she lovingly presents."

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