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A Cortices Treatment after full anesthesia at the dentist for children

Submitted 06-Sep-09 by

Frank Wüstermann, Practitioner, Wuppertal/Germany

Keywords: children, dentist, anesthesia

A Cortices Treatment after full anesthesia at the dentist for children

A while ago I showed my nephew how to tap out the Cortices. He and his wife have 2 great boys aged 5 and 3 who exude that wonderful presence in children of that age. Their emotional competence is absolutely incredible. My 5 year old grand nephew is someone who distinctly abhors dentists. A few of his teeth needed fixing and the only possibility to deal with his dislike was to give him a full anesthesia.

The dentist – and some friends as well – warned us that children tend to be quite out of themselves when coming out of an anesthesia. Often their raving and screaming can hardly be contained. After the treatment was over, my nephew immediately tapped out the boy's cortices. Back at home he slept nearly 2 hours longer than predicted by the dentist, and when he opened his eyes, he was quite puzzled and asked: "Oh, am I home again?" No screaming, no raving.

Isn't it amazing, what our Cortices treatment keeps achieving?

Frank Wüstermann, CBP

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