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Lots of Gas Disappeared

Submitted 06-Nov-14 by

Alexandra Hopkins, Client, United States

Keywords: gas, flatulence, friendly bacteria

A few months ago I started getting a lot of gas after drinking my new favorite drink, a coffee substitute made of grain with a little milk added. I've never had lactose intolerance, but I hadn't drunk milk in decades. The milk seemed suspect.

I did a couple of BodyTalk sessions on myself, and sensed that it wasn't the milk itself, it was the pasteurization. The pasteurization cooked the proteins so that my digestive system couldn't deal with them.

In the second session, I realized that Greek yogurt made with goat's milk would give me the friendly bacteria needed for digesting the milk. I didn't even know if there was such a thing as Greek yogurt made with goat's milk. I looked it up on-line and read that originally Greek yogurt was made only of goat's milk. I bought some and within a day, my gas situation was much improved.

Then, out-of-the-blue, my stepsister sent me an on-line article about a study of 100,000 people in which it was found that people who drink pasteurized cow's milk are less long-lived than people who drink it raw or none at all. No surprise to me! But I knew that raw milk is hard to find.

I wrote a comment below the article about my experience and glanced through a few other recent comments. In one, a woman said that she was able to buy raw cow's milk at a natural foods store very near my house!

Now, I'm happily eating goat's milk yogurt and drinking my "coffee" with raw milk. Gas is back to a normal low level and no longer bothersome. Thank you John Veltheim and your BodyEcology Seminar!

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