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Intermittent Severe Depression

Submitted 06-Nov-14 by

Alexandra Hopkins, Practitioner, United States

Keywords: anger, depression, over-reactions, borderline personality disorder, suicidal

I began exchanging BodyTalk sessions with a young single woman who was quite competent and often very active. However, gradually, it came out that she suffered from intermittent depression along with anxiety attacks and bouts of intense anger, all of which contributed to her being unable to sustain close personal relationships.

During spells of depression, she would seriously consider suicide and start planning to slit her wrists. She had had a history of cutting herself as a teen. When she took a quiz for diagnosing "borderline personality disorder," her answers scored as "severe."

Of course, her suicidal thoughts were alarming to me, and we set up emergency steps for her to take when she became suicidal. We also talked about her getting onto medication, but she had tried that unsuccessfully once and didn't want to try again. She did explore alternative modalities.

For two years I gave her BodyTalk sessions a few times a month and sometimes almost every day. In dark times, we stayed in daily communication. Fortunately, the BodyTalk sessions that she gave me were the best ever, so she was helping me, too.

We dug deeper and deeper into the source of her severe emotional reactions. There were so many times when I gave her a session and thought, "Finally, we got to the bottom of this!" And for a few days or a week, it would seem that way. Then something would anger her, and the depression would settle in again. It was challenging to maintain a positive, encouraging attitude.

However, there was a gradual, if bumpy, uptrend. Increasingly, as she developed more understanding of herself, she saw that she was creating unhappy situations for herself that she could avoid and, also, that she was having over-reactions. Her depressions became less frequent. Now, after several months of freedom from them, she considers that she is no longer subject to severe depressions.

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