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Helping the Autistic Mind

Submitted 21-Nov-09 by

Darlene Zwolinski, Practitioner, Castle Rock, CO

Keywords: autism

I had just finished my training for Module 1 & 2. I was practicing in my home on a friend when my 17 year old son Tyler wandered into the room to watch. After I completed the session he innocently asked, "Can you do that on me?" I was a bit shocked as he hardly leaves his room and his world of computer gaming. Of course I said, "Sure." He hopped onto the couch and I started the session. Ironically, his body only wanted one and only one request, a brain connection. I tapped that out and he was off.

A little background on Tyler, he's been diagnosed with a form of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome. He has always had challenges writing papers for school, even though his IQ is quite high. Getting that first paragraph is something he typically could not get his mind wrapped around. Once he had the first paragraph, he could finish the essay or paper.

One week after the session he came to me with this. "Mom, I didn't want to say anything after the first time it happened, or even the second time. But when it happened the third time I knew something must of changed. I had to write three essays in English class this week. I finished each one in thirty minutes." He proceeded to show me this perfect essay, a page and a half in length. As a senior in high school, he got his first A in English that quarter!

We are continuing the BodyTalk sessions, which has led to opening of emotional centers, as we all know can be inhibited in Autistic kids. I can't wait to see the results on this front! My hope is to work with the special education department at his school and see if I can offer BodyTalk to other special needs kids.

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